We help Canadians pay for immediate access to any hospital, any doctor, anywhere in the world with coverage of 

$1,000,000 CAD per year.


Trusted By Businesses Like 

Problems You Will Encounter With The Canadian Healthcare System

 Dangerously long 

wait times 

We all know people whose condition worsened while waiting for care. 

Aging medical equipment + technology

It's not a secret: Canada is falling behind in comparison to what is available on the worldwide market. 

 Lack of confidence

Canadians enter treatment knowing there are  significantly better global solutions, but don't know how to access or pay for them.

 You are alone 

You are responsible for booking, navigating, and following up with your doctors. You are your only advocate. 

With Our System You Will...

Never wait 

You will never be stuck waiting months to years for medical care.  

Access the world's top hospitals

You control where you go, anywhere in the world.


100% Paid 

Up to $1,000,000 per year can be used for medical care. 

You are not alone 

You are partnered with your own personal nurse. They quarterback the entire process.

Here's How We Make the Magic Happen

End-to-End Claim Fulfillment System

It's a true VIP experience. This experience starts with our in-house nurses who walk with you through every step of your claim. We know that it can be hard to get all the necessary medical information together in order to start the process. Our nurses are the only ones you need to deal with, and they will make sure everything is done right. Our nurses will book the medical facility, the doctor, and confirm your date. 


Our System Working In Real Life 👉

I DON'T WANT TO PAY $139,044.95

You Unlock...🔓


Our Worldwide Medical Network

These are the top 33 hospitals in the world that you have immediate access to. This is only a sampling of all the hospitals you can access around the world. 

A Second Medical Opinion

Access to the medical opinion of internationally renowned experts from around the world regarding a condition, completely covered.

$5,000 For Airfare/ Travel

You receive $5,000 for transportation and accommodation expenses when receiving treatment more than 320 kms from the insured’s residence. 


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