An Executive Benefit - Medical Care That Truly Covers You Worldwide

You Never Have To Wait

 Canadian wait times are unacceptable.

You become a private client to the world's best care providers and receive immediate treatment. 

You Get Access To The World's Top Medical Technology 

If it is an approved treatment in that country it is covered by your VIP Global Medical plan.

Get The Support and Care You Need When You Need It

You will receive help navigating global medical solutions.

Your coverage includes consulting advice on both a treatment plan and treatment facility.

Your Benefits

You Have $1,000,000

Available Per Year

Your Klarity VIP Global Medical covers:

  • CAD $1,000,000 per year, worldwide without restrictions of doctors or hospitals.

  • At the age of 75 this amount reduces to CAD $500,000 per year.

  • You can apply up to age 75 then the plan continues without any maximum age restrictions.  

Your Coverage Starts Immediately


This coverage is unique: 

  • You can use this coverage immediately for any new medical issues you are not aware of.

  • After the 24-month mark, any of your current underlying medical conditions will be eligible.

Get A VIP Second Medical Opinion

  • You now have access to the medical opinion of internationally renowned experts from around the world regarding your condition.

  • Available immediately without a deductible regardless of current medical conditions.  

  • You can expect that in  84% of cases your treatment choice will change.   

Your Options To Travel As You Age Are Guaranteed


This could be your out-of-country travel medical insurance:


  • Your current travel insurance policy most likely has a clause that you must be medically stable for the 3 months before you travel. 

  • As you age, medical stability will be hard to maintain and could affect your ability to travel.   

  • VIP Global Medical has no stability clause but you do need to make sure you are past your 24-month exclusion period for known medical issues. 

Your Blood Collection Service

(Only for Calgary clients and surrounding area)  

  • Professional mobile laboratory service 

  • No line up, waiting room 

  • Same day lab services at your home, office or other location

Private MRI/ CT Scan


  • No wait times 

  • Anywhere in Canada 

  • Private clinic in your local area 

  • Pre-existing condition clause of 24 months

  • No deductible,  paid by Klarity VIP

What's The Catch? What isn't covered?

Our list of the top exclusions: 

  • Hazardous hobbies and sports.   These include diving, rock climbing, parachuting, bungee jumping, paragliding, parasailing and off-road mountain biking. 

  • Professional sports.

  • No mental nervous coverage.

  • Limited coverage for maternity.

  • Any expenses for non-approved or medically unnecessary.

  • Organ transplants only to age 70.

You May Have A Current Medical Condition

You have hope

  • There is no medical application or tedious underwriting that can disqualify you from coverage. 

  • If you do have a medical issue you know of, coverage for that issue will start 24 months after the effective date of your coverage.

Get Your Questions Answered!

We have answered below the most common questions about Klarity VIP.